The Thompson & Lichtner Co., Inc. provides the following services, separately or in combination, before, during, and after construction, according to our clients' needs.

Thompson & Lichtner Laboratory Testing & Inspection Service

Analyze and research the products and materials of new and existing construction as well as provide quality control inspection and testing services during new construction and construction repairs.

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Thompson & Lichtner Consulting Services

Thompson & Lichtner provides a wide spectrum of consulting services, such as reviewing architectural drawings and specifications for weatherproofing and air barrier code compliance, and assisting in the preparation of typical weatherproofing details. T & L also provides peer review of design documents for the building enclosures and building envelope commissioning services.

Consulting Assignments

  • Examination and recommendations on the exterior condition of the west front of the United States Capital, Washington, DC.
  • Consultation on weatherproofing design of building envelope, including precast concrete curtain wall, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA.
  • Review and comment on weatherproofing details of design, Great Valley Conference Center, Malvern, PA.
  • Condition survey and investigation of façade of 50 year old office tower and consultation on restoration repairs, Batterymarch Building, Boston, MA.
  • Investigation of water leakage through exterior precast concrete wall and window system and preparation of repair specifications, Wachovia Center Bank and Office Tower, Charlotte, NC.

Thompson & Lichtner Forensic Services

Thompson & Lichtner’s Forensic Services include determining the causes of moisture condensation inside building foundations, exterior facades, insulated glass windows, and roof eaves and attics as well as investigating water leakage conditions, field testing of all components of building facades and roofs, and evaluations and special tests of windows and curtain wall systems, roofing membranes, building sealants and weatherproofing coatings.

Forensic Assignments

  • Investigation of window glass failures, examination of site conditions before and during window replacement program, The Manchester Bank, Manchester, NH.
  • Investigation of failures of window glass in high-rise building and inspection of window replacements, One Beacon Street, Boston, MA.
  • Investigation of water leakage through exterior masonry walls and windows and consultation on repairs, U.S. News and World Report, Washington, DC.
  • Investigation of condition of existing roof, preparation of specifications for removal and replacement of exiting roof and insulation and inspection of construction, Four Seasons Hotel, Boston, MA.
  • Investigation of water leakage through precast concrete walls and windows, and inspection of panel cutting and caulking repair program, New Haven Savings Bank, New Haven, CT.

Thompson & Lichtner Building Inspection Services

Thompson & Lichtner offers a broad range of building inspection services, including continuous or occasional observation and inspection during installation of building enclosures. We certify in writing that work observed has been performed in conformance with contract documents. In addition, we provide waterproofing services for exterior walls, curtain walls, masonry walls, and metal walls, including below-grade. T & L also conducts inspections of mock-ups.

Building Inspection Assignments

  • Inspection of installation of replacement glass for the John Hancock Building and One Beacon Street office tower in Boston, MA.
  • Inspection and testing of concrete, structural steel, and fireproofing, and weatherproofing inspection of installation of curtain walls, roofing, and sealants, Ray and Maria Strata Center, MIT, Cambridge, MA.
  • Review and comments on weatherproofing details of design, inspection and testing of soils, concrete, structural steel, sprayed fireproofing; inspection of weatherproofing of brick and granite façade, windows, caulking, and roofing (metal and EPDM), Gateway Center, Providence, RI.
  • Inspection and ultrasonic testing of structural steel, inspection of fabrication and installation of structurally glazed window systems, and static pressure tests of windows and spandrel panels, for Exeter Construction Company, New York, NY.
  • Inspection of building restoration and installation of new façade, 255 Congress St., Boston, MA.

Thompson & Lichtner Window, Curtain Wall, Door Testing Services

Thompson & Lichtner conducts tests for both air and water leakage of windows, curtain walls, and doors, both in the field and in the lab, in accordance with AAMA and ASTM standards.

Window, Curtain Wall, Door Testing Assignments

  • Investigation of failures of window glass and inspection of installation of replacement glass for the John Hancock Building, Boston, MA.
  • Static pressure chamber testing during manufacturer’s design of new exterior curtain wall panel system, Manufacturing Plant EMC2 Corporation, Franklin, MA.
  • Inspection of installation of precast concrete and aluminum-framed curtain walls, windows, sealants, and roofing, plus conducting water tests to evaluate resistance to water penetration, Tang Center, MIT Building E-51, Cambridge, MA.
  • Field erection of precast concrete wall panels, inspection of windows, curtain walls, and caulking, and laboratory static pressure testing of doors, Rowes Wharf, Boston, MA.
  • Inspection and consultation on window replacement program, Watertown High School, Watertown, MA

Thompson & Lichtner Roof Testing Services

Thompson & Lichtner’s roof testing services include inspection of roof installation, evaluation of existing roofs, and infrared survey. We can test flat and sloped roofs and membranes, as well as PVC, TPO, liquid applied, and green roofs. T & L employs these state-of-the-art roof tests:

  • Electronic Roof Testing (ERT)/Vector Mapping
  • Low voltage method (wet)
  • High voltage method (dry)
  • Flood Roof Testing

Roof Testing Assignments

  • Electronic Roof Testing, Crossroads on the Charles, Boston, MA.
  • Vector Mapping, UMASS Boston Science Center.
  • Laboratory analysis of built-up roofing membrane, Lesley College, Cambridge, MA.
  • Electronic Roof Testing, Natick High School, Natick, MA.
  • Preparation of specifications for repair of roofing membrane, South Kingston Junior and Senior High Schools, South Kingston, RI.
  • Flood Roof Testing, New England Telephone Building, Boston.
  • Investigation of failure of inverted built-up roofing system, Raytheon Company Submarine Signal Division, Portsmouth, RI.

Thompson & Lichtner Specialized Engineering Services

Blower Door Tests
In accordance with ASTM E 1827 Standard Test Methods, T & L conducts this test to determine the rate of air leakage.

Air Barrier Tests
T & L performs inspection services of air barriers for compliance with project specifications and conducts tests for air and water infiltration.

Adhesion Testing of Wall Membranes
This testing is performed in accordance with ASTM D 4541 on air barrier and sealant components to verify proper adhesion to the substrate.

Smoke Testing
T & L’s smoke test is a diagnostic test that determines paths and sources of air leakage in a building without causing damage.

Expert Witness Service
We offer deposition and arbitration expert witness services for litigation in all of our areas of services, on the district and federal court level.